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Sight Word Practice

Learning to read is important in 1st Grade. Students are expected to be able to read all 100 high frequency words by May. Please click 100 Sight Words  to view a list of words to practice or click each set to view them in a flashcard program on one of the links below. They come in 2 formats:

Screencasts And Flashcards.

1.  A screencast that includes audio along with the flashcards.  This should be used when  learning the words.

2.  These are the flashcards that are timed.  Students should practice these when they know the words well and are about ready to be tested.

Screen casts can be viewed on personal devices and computers.  These are very helpful for students when first learning the words.  

They must be able to read them as quickly as the slides go.

HFW 1-10 Screen cast     HFW 1-10 Flashcards     

HFW 11-20 Screen cast   HFW 11-20 Flashcards    

HFW 21-30 Screen cast   HFW 21-30 Flashcards    

HFW 31-40 Screen cast   HFW 31-40 Flashcards    

HFW 41-50 Screen cast   HFW 41-50 Flashcards    

HFW 51-60 Screen cast   HFW 51-60 Flashcards

HFW 61-70 Screen cast   HFW 61-70 Flashcards

HFW 71-80 Screen cast   HFW 71-80 Flashcards

HFW 81-90 Screen cast   HFW 81-90 Flashcards

HFW 91-100 Screen cast   HFW 91-100 Flashcards


*Content provided by Bretta Loeffler, Hulstrom Elementary School