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Mrs. Johnson's Class


In music class, we will learn the music fundamentals, such as steady beat, accurate rhythm reading, and musical form.  All grade levels will sing, dance, play music games and play instruments.  We will study composers from around the world and listen to music from a variety of different cultures.  We will learn to sing folk songs from all over the world and learn dances, games and instrument parts to accompany the song.  Grades K-1 will focus primarily on keeping a steady beat and learning how to use their voices in a variety of ways.  Grades 2-3 will be focusing on music theory, reading simple music notation and reading and writing rhythms accurately.  3rd grade will have the opportunity to purchase and play the recorder this year.  Grades 4-5 will learn how to read music off the music staff, read complex rhythms, and will focus on music history so they have a better understanding of how music has changed over time.